Special and Unique Tours in Auckland

Touring with us, you'll not only get something special… you get something UNIQUE,
because we include our own *private* home and farm ...where no other tour goes!


Auckland's best "value-for-money" trip, with
[at least] 9 experiences all on the one day tour!

All-inclusive and **r-a-v-e-d
as being THE ULTIMATE of all Auckland tours - guaranteed your best time in Auckland!


7.5 hours of countryside experiences all within a mere 40mins from downtown Auckland.

>> Includes upmarket lunch (with wine/beer), and our "famous" tasting platter afternoon tea at our farm.


We are your answer to a stress-free day!

Everything is included - tours are timed to suit YOU.
Guaranteed return time too.

We give group discounts for groups 6+ persons. ...go to:


Wine + Farm + Beach

Enjoy 4 hours in the countryside! Includes our *private* sheep farm and "famous" Epicurean tasting platter afternoon tea.
>> Prices start at NZD 90pp
[a minimum of 4 persons]


INCLUDED on all tours

There's no need to take a separate wine tasting tour as wine tasting is included on ALL of our Auckland tours


INCLUDED on all tours

Become joint owners of the tree we plant on our farm to offset your tour emissions.
>> Every tour gets a tree


INCLUDED on all tours

Our home since 1922...
What better way to experience this region than with locals? and to also see inside their very own house & private farm!


INCLUDED on all tours

At our Homestead there's;
**FREE Wi-Fi **FREE calls to NZ/Australia **FREE postcard

What’s the Goss??? – Coast to Coast Tours NEWS

Auckland tours newborn lambs Being sheep farmers as-well-as tour operators makes for a very interesting life! Here's what we've been up to this week... CHECK-OUT THESE CUTIES... Our new additions, and awaiting your cuddles when you visit our *private* Auckland farm !

Top Auckland Tours, Prices and Itineraries of Auckland’s Best Tours

Best Auckland tours price If you are fixated on "PRICE"...**please think again**... Not all tours are priced equally. We price our tours on "experiences" and "value-for-money". With us, you'll get the best experiences of Auckland because we provide [-at least-] 9 attractions ALL on the one day ......but we do challenge you to find another Auckland tour that does more...Use this table of comparisons >>

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Tripadvisor rated tours Thumbs up for Coast to Coast Tours with a Tripadvisor rating of 100%, and 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award tours assures you of quality ..........voted by tourists like YOU!

We’re everyday people, wanting to share the ‘real’ New Zealand with you !

Auckland tour hosts Stu & Donna Hamilton Seeing Auckland via a tour guide is one thing...E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-I-N-G it with a local is another! ...We make no excuses; ...we're "everyday" people, and not only will you see where we live, you'll see HOW we live too! No other Auckland tour takes you into your tour host's own home...this is unique, and you are guaranteed to be treated to something "special" when you tour with us.