Auckland Tours Auckland shore excursion tours

... "Believe the hype!
You will experience
more New Zealand
that you thought you could
in just a day" ...

-Devin, NYC

Auckland Mini Tours

... "Relaxing tour.
It was the highlight
of our trip to Auckland" ...

-Renny, Sydney

Auckland Private Tours PRIVATE Auckland tours

... "Do not miss this tour!
We could not have chosen
a better beginning to a 3
week tour of NZ and Australia" ...

-Jerry, Severna Park, MD

FREE TOUR for "organiser" of 6+ group !! Auckland Cruise Boat shore tours

... "Everything we did that day
was done with such class
that it made Auckland
THE excursion of the cruise" ...

-Sarah & Berk, Carbonear, NL




With 99% of Auckland tours visiting free Public places, you'll be pleased to find our tours take you to somewhere PRIVATE. Tours are DIFFERENT... itinerary is UNRIVALED!

NO other Auckland tour does what we do... When you visit our sheep farm & historic Homestead you are assured your tour is UNIQUE.


Because our Ultimate Auckland tour has
[at least] 9 Auckland experiences all on the one day tour, you will find this to be exceptional "value-for-money"

We even include an upmarket lunch, (with wine/beer) and our "famous" Epicurean tasting platter for your Afternoon tea.
[Food Handling Certified too]


If you are tired of crowds and desire a more "senior-friendly" tour without long journeys, you'll be pleased to find our relaxing Auckland Coast & Country tour!

We have 12 years experience in hosting Cruise Boat passengers. You'll be SO close to Auckland there's NO worry about missing your boat!

OUR _ OTHER _ FEATURES _ which _ make _ your _ tour _ unique

…we are: NZ *born*, Owner/Operated, and we also LIVE at Muriwai

Stuart and Donna Hamilton Coast to Coast Tours Did you know..... that unlike many overseas countries, there are no Laws on who can become a New Zealand tour operator? Often a NZ tour guide who tells you about New Zealand, will NOT be NZ *born* (…let alone of Indigenous descent)! On our tours you will not be "short-changed" because you'll not only have us as NZ-born AND Maori hosts, but also have us as the tour owner/operators. You'll get the unique opportunity to see inside our own Homestead and experience Muriwai where our family (as this region's early pioneers!), have lived and farmed since 1922.

…we are: Senior-Friendly, Carbon Efficient, and our tours are Sustainable

carbon free Auckland Coast to Coast tours Coast to Coast Tours is the only Auckland tour company with their own Carbon sink-tank Reserve on their own farm! WE plant a tree for every tour we do...our guests become "joint-custodians".... There's NO hiking and NO swimming on our tours; just a good all-rounded (and slower-paced itinerary) suited to Adults who yearn to be hosted in the "old-fashioned" way!... We also operate solely in the region where we live, able to "give back" to our local community and thus remaining SUSTAINABLE.

…we are: Food Handling Certified, and hold ALL operating licences

Auckland tours afternoon tea Did you know.....that in New Zealand there are NO Food Safety Laws for food not "sold" during a tour (..or even a B&B stay)?! Today, there are many operators who choose to supply free food; ...invariably delicious! But, how do you really know what the facilities were like that were used to prepare, cook and store the food that you are consuming? Because we “include” food on our tour, I took it upon myself to become Food Handling Certified…(even though there was no legal requirement to do so). Coast to Coast tours holds ALL operating licences and it's your guarantee for quality service!

…and an Auckland Film and Movie-Set Location

Auckland film crew location Over the years Motutara Farm & Homestead has been used for various film and movie shoots, and magazine publications. The draw card for this is not only our close proximity to Auckland, but that our fixtures are historic and authentic. Many Producers report that to replicate the "age aspect" (for example our woolshed), it would cost a whole lot of money to do so! With more and more film scenes being shot in New Zealand these days, we are able to provide a genuine filming location. Read what we have to offer...