... guaranteed the most special and unique tour in Auckland ...

because we include our own *private* home and farm ...where NO other tour goes!

  >>> THE TOUR <<<  

Auckland's best "value-for-money" trip, with
[at least] 9 experiences all on the one day tour!

All-inclusive and **r-a-v-e-d
as being the most UNIQUE Auckland tour - guaranteed your best time in Auckland!


Tour with us "privately*. We'll show you the best countryside attractions in the region where we live!

>> Includes upmarket lunch (with wine/beer), and our "famous" tasting platter afternoon tea at our farm.


We are your answer to a stress-free day!

Everything is included - tours are timed to suit YOU.
Guaranteed return time too.

We give group discounts for groups 6+ persons. ...go to:


INCLUDED on all tours

There's no need to take a separate wine tasting tour as wine tasting is included on EVERY tour we do!
Enjoy sightseeing and wine tasting in the Kumeu west Auckland wine region


INCLUDED on all tours

Become joint owners of the tree we plant on our farm to offset your tour emissions.
>> Every tour gets a tree. Our farm has it's own Registered carbon sink-tank reserves, and it's the only Auckland tour doing this!


INCLUDED on all tours

Muriwai has been our home since 1922... What better way to experience this region than with locals? You also see inside our very own house and tour our own private farm. Hear the history and touch artifacts not available on any other Auckland tour!

  FREEBIES :) :) :)

INCLUDED on every tour

At our Homestead there's;
**FREE Wi-Fi **FREE calls to NZ/Australia **FREE postcard

If you've been having a hard job catching-up with friends and family due to poor internet service from your Cruise Boat or Hotel, you are welcome to connect at our farm!


We have 13 years experience at hosting international visitors.

No other Auckland tour brings you into your host's own home!
This is unique ...and you are guaranteed to be treated to something very "special" when you take your Auckland tour with us.

Tripadvisor Rating: 100% and No.1 Outdoor Activity in Auckland!

Tripadvisor 100% rated Thumbs up for Coast to Coast Tours with a Tripadvisor rating of 100%, and 2015 Certificate of Excellence Award .. . . . ............PLUS Auckland's No.1 Outdoor Activity tours assures you of quality ...... . . ....And it's been voted for by tourists like YOU! ...................Our latest review..........." This was an awesome tour and Stu was great showing us around the area and then introducing us to his lovely wife Donna. Openly inviting us into their home and touring their farm to visit the sheep and see the sheering shed and learning about that process was very interesting."